Dip Dip Hooray, it’s a Family Fun Night!

This weekend we decided to celebrate Alex’s birthday a little early with our family as his real birthday is on a school night and he’s going to be gone most of the afternoon and evening with extracurricular activities. So when I learned about the DipToPlay sweepstakes from a group I’m in through Collective Bias #CBias, I decided […]

Is it Hot in here, or is it just you?

  Are you ready to have the 2nd talk? Or do you not have clue what that is suppose to mean?  Well in our house, we have been having lots of conversations about that 1st talk that girls have. Yep, that one, the one where you get to talk about all the joys of getting […]

Yum! Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches make great after school snacks!

I have 4 kids with very busy schedules, and when they come home from school they often need to have an after school snack that will fill them up enough so they can head out to practices without getting famished and still want dinner when they get home.  Recently, we tried and they loved, Tyson […]

How Do You Get Your #VitaminD?

Growing up, my mom always reminded us about the importance of good posture and keeping our smile bright and healthy. After all, my mom was a hygienist and she cared about bone health when others didn’t give much thought to it at all. I on the other hand, always was reminded of it. I knew that we […]

Following up on @SAMSCLUB Member’s Mark 4X Probiotics #DigestiveHealth

About 2 weeks ago I went to Sam’s Club and purchased Member’s Mark 4X Probiotic. I was unsure how these probiotics would work on me.  I mean, I’m fairly “regular”, well after my morning coffee has kicked in. That counts right?  And I don’t really think that I have stomach issues. But I thought I […]

Del Monte Diced Peaches with Cinnamon and Brown Sugar = Great on the Go Family Snacks #delmonte

My family is always on the go which means I’m always looking for tasty and better for you snacks that are convenient and portable. I also like to change it up a bit for the kids so they don’t get so bored with the same old snacks day after day.  So when I was asked by Collective Bias #CBias  to […]

Taking Care of My #DigestiveHealth with Probiotics

Lately I have been hearing a lot about Probiotics and the benefits it has on your digestive system and that it also assists in maintaining a strong immune system. What are Probiotics ? Probiotics are microorganisms such bacteria. Why should I add bacteria to my body?  Our bodies often need beneficial bacteria to keep us […]

I’m going to “BOO” someone! #DontBeTheDarkHouse #CBias

As soon as the Halloween decorations go up in our neighborhood the kids begin their yearly scheming of which house they want to  “boo” first.  Do know what it is to be boo’d?  It begins like this, your doorbell rings and when you answer it, on your doorstep you find a little bag full of […]