Is it Hot in here, or is it just you?


Are you ready to have the 2nd talk? Or do you not have clue what that is suppose to mean?  Well in our house, we have been having lots of conversations about that 1st talk that girls have. Yep, that one, the one where you get to talk about all the joys of getting your first period. (Joys, yeah, right) But anyway, my 12 year old twin girls are THISCLOSE to getting their period any day and often I hear them talk about it with their friends and who has it or who just got it.  So yes, I’m familar about that talk.

And how ironic that my girlfriends and I are now talking about the opposite stage of our lives that we are entering and what we are all experiencing at our age. Yep, that’s the 2nd talk.  It really is a milestone in every woman’s life and it happens to all of us. We will age, and we will have that part of our lives end. And as bittersweet as it is to know that you really are done having children there is now the compromise that you can wear white pants whenever you want and not worry about anything. No more periods!

When I attended BlogHer this summer in New York I first heard about the new line of Poise products being introduced to the women over 40 crowd.  The new #PoiseFab5 products are designed for women who are experiencing side effects related to either perimenopause or menopause. I was really impressed by how great the cooling gel felt on my arm. So when I heard Collective Bias #CBias was looking for bloggers to try out these new products and introduce them to our friends while we talked about this new part of growing older, I jumped at the chance.

I really wanted to learn more about the #PoiseFab5 products so I headed over to the Poise site and then I went to the Poise brand page on, watched the Fab5 videos, printed off a $1.00 off coupon, and then headed to Walmart. Check out my shopping trip and more party pictures in my Google+ album

I found out that not all Walmart’s carry all of the Fab5 products or are often out of at least one of them but usually they carry most of them. I found four here at the store in Matteson.

 On the night of our Meno-Pause party (did you see some of the awesome food we had)  my girlfriends and I swapped stories about our hot flashes and shared tips on what we do to help ourselves out during our “private summers”.

We love the roll on cooling gel and the body cooling towelettes.  We also discussed how at times we all feel a little not so fresh, and how the feminine wash can help with that as well as using the panty fresheners.


We had so much fun discussing the next stage and laughing at how our bodies have all changed as we settle into the 40’s and our kids are no longer little anymore. We also toasted to going through this new phase together as we embark on this next journey.

Oh, and by the way, there are some benefits to being so “hot” at our age.

And to remember to think positively about it.

Because you see, Kathy certainly does enjoy her new way of reheating up her coffee in the morning.


If you have any questions about these products or have something to share then be sure to stop by for the Poise Fab Five Twitter Party taking place on September 20, 2012 from 1-2PM EST.

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And make sure to check out the #PoiseFab5 Pinterest page too!





I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for CollectiveBias™ and Poise #CBias #SocialFabric. As always, all opinions expressed are my own.



  • Mallery Schuplin

    You guys look like you had so much fun at your party!

  • April Decheine

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time, I would love to attend one of these parties!!

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  • Jillian

    You ladies are hysterical!  I love the Red Hots at your party and especially your new method of reheating coffee!  It looks like you turned the second talk into something very fun