Let’s Swap Our Snacks & See How We #CrushedIt

This week my family participated in a “Swap Your Snacks” mission. For the past week we chose to swap out our current snacks and make some healthier choices. So we headed to Dominick’s to purchase some Chiquita crushed fruit snack products.  Have you tried these yet?  Yum! There are 5 different flavors of Chiquita crushed […]

Let’s Barbecue & Have Dessert At #theicecreamsocial

It’s finally summer!  Yeah! So when  summer finally arrives here in the suburbs of Chicago we especially appreciate it as our winters can sometime drag sooooo long.  And now that we are having some great weather it’s time to fire up that grill on a regualr basis and have some BBQ’s. Ashley is even into it this year and she is vying […]