Kraft Fresh Take Coating Mixture, Makes a Quick Delicious Meal

Recently I was perusing the cheese section of my local grocery store and I noticed a new product hanging in an obscured location near the bottom.  It caught my eye because of its catchy packaging, however, it lured me into picking it up and placing it into my shopping cart because it showed me a […]

Coming Out of Their Shell ~ Fun Easter Cookies

As you might have realized, I love making cookies. So for this round,  how fun are these cute chicks that are breaking out of their shell. Begin by piping the outside of the cookie in white and make an open star in the corner.     Fill in the star with yellow Next pipe the […]

Wordless Wednesday ~ Let The Fun Begin

 Let’s go and decorate some cookies!

Wordless Wednesday – Lilah’s 1st Birthday Cake

  My great-niece just celebrated her 1st birthday.  Look at that awesome  birthday cake made by Uncle Gary & Kernel Sweetooth. How adorable is this!  She wasn’t sure what to think of it, but knew it tasted yummy! Happy 1st Birthday Lilah!       .    

Let’s Make Caramel Kissed Popcorn!

Have you tried this delicious concoction? Caramel popcorn drizzled with chocolate. YUM!  And it’s super easy to make. Begin by taking caramel popcorn and spread it out in a single layer on a large baking sheet.                      Next melt some milk chocolate disks at 50% power […]

A Favorite Disney World Memory ~ When They Were Little

When my kids were little the magic was just….. Magical… and fairytales were real. Here’s one of my favorite Disney World memories.      

Making “I’m Melting” Snowman Cookies

While spending way too much time on Pinterest, I came across a picture of these Snowman Cookies and knew I just had to try and make them.  Aren’t they awesome?   Start by first rolling out and then baking round sugar cookies.                  Next melt some white chocolate […]

What? Tomorrow They Turn 12!

I can’t believe that tomorrow my twin girls turn 12!  What? How? So fast!  Time sure flies and it seems like only yesterday they were my precious princesses. *Sigh*   I miss these days, and I’m bracing myself for what is in store next. Yes, teenage years.  And next year I will have four, yes […]

Wordless Wednesday – Do you get it?

I found this funny at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry when we were there last week.  Look carefully at the picture.  Do you get it? Hee, hee  it’s a Sand Witch!

Yum! Tyson Mini Chicken Sandwiches make great after school snacks!

I have 4 kids with very busy schedules, and when they come home from school they often need to have an after school snack that will fill them up enough so they can head out to practices without getting famished and still want dinner when they get home.  Recently, we tried and they loved, Tyson […]